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Submit a Quick Tip on a Human Rights Abuse in Southern Cameroons

Do you have a quick tip on a human rights abuse in the Southern Cameroons? Create a Quick Tip in minutes and get your information to international stakeholders who want to help bring the crisis to an end.
This platform is created to report all cases of fundamental human rights abuses in Southern Cameroons and transmit incident reports to local and international organizations who want to help. To ensure completeness, please review the list of items below and have them ready for submission. To ensure completeness, we encourage you to use the Incident Report feature.

How to Report a Quick Tip

The Quick Tip feature is designed for anyone who wants to submit evidence and a short story.

  • Tip Description to support incident, victim, perpetrator or evidence.
  • Documentation – video, audio, images, documents.
  • Links to external sources such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

NOTE: To help establish accountability, we always recommend you use the Detailed Incident Report feature. 

Please include the following where possible:

  • Names
  • Images
  • Audio Recordings
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • ID Cards
  • Passport Info
  • Bank Account Info
  • Property Information


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All reports on this site are confidential. We do not share any information with any parties to this conflict, including the Government of Cameroon, the restorationist forces and their agents or proxies. By using this service, I agree that I have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  • Incident Details
  • Victim Details
  • Additional Victims – Names and Ages
  • Incident Date and Time
  • Incident Location – Region, Commune, City, Other Identifying information.
  • GPS coordinates of exact location on the globe
  • Incident Perpertrators – Names and Ages
  • Identifying information of perpetrators
  • Family details of perpetrators – Spouses, Children and other relatives
  • Ages and other identifying information of family members
  • Evidence establishing family relationships
  • Assets of perpetrators in and out of Cameroon
  • Accomplices – Names, Ages
  • Identifying evidence of accomplices